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Every year in the US, brands invests $8 Billion sponsoring sports properties and another $18 Billion advertising during live sports broadcasts. These numbers are big, and they are growing at over 10% per year. Yes, the sports marketing business is doing great.


But the sports market could be much bigger if it were more efficient


After all, avid U.S. sports fans spend over $6 TRILLION on goods and services annually. That's six thousand billions worth of cars, food, clothes and vacations...when you consider the scale of these numbers it makes the current levels of sports marketing spending seem, well, small. And the reason it's "small" is Sports marketing is inefficient. And that's what's about to change.


We're making Liquid Affinity 

Minty Sports is bottling fan affinity by creating private label, digital currencies for properties. Branded currency transforms fan affinity into a liquid asset so it can more efficiently converted into cash. We believe this is what sports properties and sponsors need to grow their businesses.

Contact us to learn more about how our Liquid Affinity program could work for your sports property or sponsor brand.

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Thanks for your interest in Minty Sports! We'll be in touch soon.


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