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Partner Support

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Minty Sports does more than Points-based programs. We can help invent, implement and manage any and every facet of a loyalty program. We do what's needed to unlock value for teams, fans & sponsors alike.

A great product solves a customer's problem and leads to increased loyalty. But before a problem can be solved, it must be identified. That's why defining problems is where most Minty Sports client relationships begin. And once the problem is identified, we help teams create solutions for the problems their customers are experiencing. 

Once a new product is conceived it needs to be shepherded into being, and the work of project management begins. Project management is about bringing a prototype or MVP to market quickly. Minty services can include fielding research, running tests, screening vendors, coordinating suppliers, talking to customers, managing timelines and more. All this extra work can be too much for sports teams with limited resources. That's where Minty Sports can help

When MVPs gain traction they can grow into annual programs that require additional care and feeding. These programs often require monitoring feedback loops, consulting with sellers, coordinating with partners, and keeping team executives apprised of new insights in real time so they can make program adjustments on the fly if necessary. Minty Sports can provide any or all of these services within our partnership framework. 




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