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The Mints story...

The Mudville Mints are a sample franchise we conjured to illustrate how we can work with pro teams & college athletics...

The Mints came to us looking for ways to increase fan retention & generate incremental revenue for their franchise. The club was interested in gamifying the fan experience, but leadership was concerned about overworking their staff and confusing their (older) season ticket holders with new technology.


We worked with Mints leadership in sponsorship, ticketing, marketing, digital and community relations to develop a program strategy. Once the strategy was in place we designed and built out fan-facing product interfaces to support the Mints' vision.  Here are just a few ways the product elements we enabled:

minty sports (58).png
minty sports (54).png

Every Mints fan gets their own private account that includes a secure, digital wallet and a profile page. The wallet enables fans to earn, store and redeem points (aka Mint) in various ways.


Fans can manage their own profile settings and participate in a broader Mints fan community. In the community, fans can connect with other fans, post content, form groups, create events and more as they vie for status on the Mnits fan leaderboards.

minty sports (55).png
minty sports (56).png

The Club Store is the place where fans redeem their Mint for tickets, merchandise or Mints experiences. 

All fans are welcome to use the store, but certain items are reserved for Mints fans that have achieved enough status (e.g., season ticket members).

Fans use the Mints mobile app to "check-in" at sponsor locations to earn points; or they can earn points for making purchases where sponsors have integrated Minty technology.

Mints fans can earn status inside the community. And this status can be used to unlock richer community features.

The sponsor directory gives fans a convenient place to find all the ways they can earn points by engaging with sponsors. And it gives sponsors a place to promote offers to fans. 

The Mints decided to organize sponsors by business category and "pin" featured offers on the top page.  Sponsors have the flexibility to change their offers and promotional graphics anytime. 

Mint is accepted at team store and POS locations inside the Mints' venue.

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