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Minty Sports uses its broad experience in sports to create innovative products that get stronger and smarter with every client engagement. 

Fan Community

Winners Circle is a community product that lets fans connect with each other, enjoy camaraderie, build status and gain access to the experiences and relationships they crave. Winners Circle enables members to create profile pages, make friends, create events, join groups and much more, all inside a team-branded, team owned and team curated environment. This is a powerful Return-on-Loyalty tool because when fans connect with each other, they stay connected to the team!

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Small Business
Sponsorship Program

Local Champions is an automated (productized) program for small business sponsorships. It is designed to help sports teams add more sponsors and generate incremental revenue without adding work for the sales or services staffs. Ninety-nine percent of businesses in the US are small businesses, and over 1/2 of all jobs are created by small business, but until now teams have been limited in their abilities to monetize this market. Local Champions opens this new revenue channel by automating the "sponsorship" process for "long tail" businesses.

Rewards System

Mintyball is our signature Loyalty-as-a-service offering. It brings every product in our portfolio into play, and is powered by our proprietary social currency system (aka, our points engine).

Minty Sport's Points Engine generates team-branded, digital currency to support the expansion of team economies (i.e., revenue growth) in many ways:

  • Selling POINTS to sponsors will drive sponsor activation, which in turn increases fan engagement and improves sponsor retention.

  • Season ticket holders earn POINTS a for buying tickets, then redeem POINTS for the team perks they want most, which will increases renewal.

  • Retailing POINTS directly to fans and inviting fans to make (team) purchases with POINTS brings incremental revenue from ancillary sources.

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